TRULY: Too Much is Never Enough

 To conquer your demons, you must face them alone. No one else can truly banish what only you know.    

The final instalment of the Too Much Romance Trilogy finds Seb and Natasha torn apart by a lie. Abandoned by the Mancini family, Nat fights for her future becoming the strong soul she was always meant to be. No longer camouflaged in ordinary she shines to finally rid herself of all her alters.

Revenge and jealousy are discovered at the evil heart of the attacks on Natasha. Uncovering a years-old vendetta against the Mancini’s, of which she has become an unwitting key player, she then learns that the architect of all the pain has a past inextricably fused to Nat’s and the Mancini’s. He has been hunting Natasha, Sebastian and the Mancinis, with an ally cemented deep within the Mancini family. The vengeful plan is set to unleash a storm of devastation on the Mancinis to strip Renzo Mancini of his legacy, his business, and his family.

Within the eye of the evil mastermind’s plan, Seb and Natasha find redemption and truly profess their love for each other; where too much is never enough. The final twist in the lie catches up with them. Natasha is left to face her one remaining demon; alone. She must fight not only for her life but Sebastian’s and the life of his son, Ren. Will she prevail?

TRULY Too Much is Never Enough

To conquer your demons, you must face them alone. No one else can truly banish what only you know.

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Book Reviews: TRULY Too Much is Never Enough


MADLY: Entertaining and well-written.

Posted by Jeneille

It was a book that I couldn’t put down. Pretty awesome summer read. I read it in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have no words to describe the emotions it invoked. Definitely placed in my to be read again pile Would recommended it to my ...


Great read

Posted by Sandy

A mixed bag not the normal erotic romance this one has a plot.


Move over 50 shades

Posted by Jasmin Martin

Can’t wait for book 2! Book 1 Madly; Too Much To Soon was a much better read than the usual drivel that is written for adult fiction. Move over 50 Shades of Grey ! Really looking forward to reading the rest of the the TOO MUCH series.


Very sexy for men as well as women

Posted by RMR

My wife recommended this book to me. I loved it. A romance thriller like you have never read before. And when you are both reading the book, and discussing it afterwards, it makes for a great night! More to come I hope.

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